How to enter the Macedonian market


How to enter the Macedonian market represents a guide aimed to familiarize the reader with the basic data for the Republic of Macedonia and Southeast development planning region, especially in terms of establishing and running a business, showing the national policies and regulations in this area. The content of the guide consists 3 sections:

  • The first covered general and relevant data for the Republic of Macedonia in order to give a closer picture of its location and resources.
  • The second part covers general and relevant data for Southeast development planning region in the country in order to give you a closer picture and information about the potential , resources and opportunities in the region .
  • The third part includes all relevant information about how to access the Macedonian market.

This section includes procedures for establishing a company and starting a business with an overview of the legislation and the business environment. The guide was developed under the project "JINGER" - Joint Implementation of Innovative Tools for New Generation Entrepreneurs and Professionals Development, Ref. №: 2007CB16IPO007- 2012-3-078, which is financed by the European Union (EU ) IPA CBC Programme Bulgaria - Macedonia, and was approved within 3 call for proposals.

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