Hotel “Sirius” in Strumica was the host of the Business Fair for cross-border cooperation – Strumica Expo, which was held on the 22nd and 23rd of November, 2016. Forty companies had their exhibition presentation on the fair, 15 from Kicevo and 25 from Kilkis and Paionia, Greece. The companies which had their presentation on the fair were from the construction sector, foodstuff industry, agriculture and others.

Within the framework of the accompanying program of the two-day Business fair, a few companies had a short presentation for their operation and range of products and services that they offer. A few companies also had their presentations on good practices on the topic of social responsibility, as well as start-up businesses which have received grants from Municipality of Strumica.

One part of the program for the fair was dedicated to entertainment, in which the present guests had the opportunity to taste wine originating from Greece and Macedonia, bread from Kilkis, cheese from Kicevo and ajvar from Strumica.

The closing of the fair was marked by granting of awards for the best fair presentation to the company “Prestige Dekor” from Kicevo and the winery “Periklis Tatsis” from Kilkis.