Project goals


The project aims at promoting and popularizing of the non-technological innovations in order to help for strengthening the business links between small and medium sized enterprises from Macedonia and Bulgaria, such as between the organizations for support of the business sector from the both countries.

The realization of the project will facilitate the access to new and innovative practices and processes thus enhancing potential for business growth.

Expected results:

  • Better understanding of the specific needs of SMEs in conjunction with the innovations and the regional environment;
  • Capacity building of the small and medium enterprises for the use of innovations.
  • Established structure for providing advanced services for support of small and medium enterprises (including management, marketing and other specialized services from the non-technological innovations field);
  • Non-technological innovations are more accessible and more understandable for the SMEs owners and the managers.
  • Improving the capacities of the small and medium enterprises and other stakeholders with different tools for improving their innovational potentials.
  • Promoted ideas, good practices and knowledge transfer for innovations among stakeholders (small and medium enterprises, business support organizations, science research centers, universities).